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Welcome to my fabulous Health Blog.

I'm Brittany and I'm 24 from sunny San Diego, CA. I have a very unique life story, and I started this blog to show you that no matter who you are or what you've been through, it's never too late to get a healthy start.

Since you’re reading my blog, you’re obviously already smart, funny AND good looking… so why not add 'healthy' and 'fit' to the mix of your greatness?
The Fitspirational Blonde is here to teach you how to make positive changes to your daily life. So toss your microwave dinners, and get your dusty spatulas and running shoes out of storage! Let this fabulous health blog be the start to your new beginning, and the beginning to your very own healthy happily ever after.

Love, Brittany

The Fitspirational Blonde

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I love how she is incorporating everyday workouts with fashion!

Don’t let a lack of equipment be an excuse not to exercise. I went to my college’s dorms the other day and I’m not even kidding i saw a guy using 2 soda bottles instead of weights! (Wouldn’t want to open those afterwords hahaha)

Xox Brittany

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Handbag workout
No equipment? Accessorize your workout with stuff you already have! Use a handbag and put heavy things in it, like for example packages of rice (I put 4kg -8.8 lbs). Books and dictionaries will also work too, no excuses!  

Here is a suggestion for a glute-targeting circuit:

1- Squat trust & lift
2- Pass-through lunges
3- One-legged bridge on the right leg
4- One-legged bridge on the left leg
5- Squat press
6- Donkey kick right leg
7- Donkey kick left leg
8- Froggy glute lift 
9- Back lunge push-out right leg
10- Back lunge push-out left leg

15 repetitions per exercise, perform circuit 3 times. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the circuit one time. 

(Source: fitnesstreats, via fitnessgifs4u)

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