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Welcome to my fabulous Health Blog.

I'm Brittany and I'm 24 from sunny San Diego, CA. I have a very unique life story, and I started this blog to show you that no matter who you are or what you've been through, it's never too late to get a healthy start.

Since you’re reading my blog, you’re obviously already smart, funny AND good looking… so why not add 'healthy' and 'fit' to the mix of your greatness?
The Fitspirational Blonde is here to teach you how to make positive changes to your daily life. So toss your microwave dinners, and get your dusty spatulas and running shoes out of storage! Let this fabulous health blog be the start to your new beginning, and the beginning to your very own healthy happily ever after.

Love, Brittany

The Fitspirational Blonde

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Next time you go to the store, pack your cart with only foods you’d be proud to show Jillian Michaels.

Next time you go to the store, pack your cart with only foods you’d be proud to show Jillian Michaels.

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“Hey :) The 30 Day shred - I have it, and I’ve done it before, although I only made it to the second stage. I feel like the one thing stopping me from doing it is the fact that it has to be done every day. I don’t want to lose out on my other workouts for a whole month to do it!I was just wondering what kind of results you had with it, how you worked it into your workout routine, and whether you actually did it every single day?”

Those are some amazing questions girlie!

Yes, I’ve done it three times already all the way through. I’m a bit of an over achiever so while doing The Shred, I still went to classes at the gym and did morning runs etc. It’s only a 24 minute video, so as long as you space it out you shouldn’t have to give up what ever else you’re doing. For the first level though it’s a bit intense so I do recommend toning it down on other exercises until you get in the groove of it you know?

As far as having to be done every day, yes that is absolutely recommended. However, we’re all human and have busy lives (this I know) so it is 100% realistic to have to skip a day or two in between those 30 days.

What I would do, is if I had to skip a day doing the shred I would add an extra day to the end of my 30 days. 

Don’t make it a pattern though, the first time I did the shred I got to day 17 and skipped one day, then thought to myself “Oh, it’s okay I’ll just skip one more day and then add two to the end…” then two turned into three, then four, then I ended up just not finishing it at all! I started completely over a month later. When you skip one day, make SURE you discipline yourself to keep it to one day. 

I had GREAT results! I have a thin build already, so doing the shred for me was great because I wasn’t “Thin” or “Skinny” anymore. After the shred I was kicked into “Toned” and “Fit”! The Shred gave me defined abs, arms and especially legs. 

The best part by far though was my mind’s new mentality! I was thinking differently, eating differently and had at least DOUBLE the energy as I did before!

It’s absolutely worth it :)

Any more questions just ask hun!

Xox Brittany

“Hello! Do you think the 30 Day Shred every day is enough of a workout to lose weight, without adding any additional cardio? Thank you!”


I add cardio to it because I LOVE to go to Zumba, but you will undoubtedly get in shape if you dedicate yourself you the shred! 

Make sure you’re eating healthy as well.

65% of your fit body is made in the kitchen, the other 35% is made working out.

If you’re doing both I guarantee you that you will see a change in your body :)

Xox Brittany

I feel like I’m her biggest cheerleader… but really she’s mine!
Xox Brittany 


I feel like I’m her biggest cheerleader… but really she’s mine!

Xox Brittany 

“What is 'The 30 day shred' and how can i find somewhere i can get help with starting it? I really need to do some more exercise and i heard it's a great way to get back into fitness! P.s how was your wrap? What did you make? :) xox”

Hey you :) Okay we’ve officially talked like 3 times now, you have to tell me your name!

I get this question on a daily basis so I made a post a while ago that will answer all your questions about it!!

What is the 30 Day Shred?

I definitely recommend it! It is the absolute perfect way to kick start getting in shape :)

P.s I haven’t attempted my wrap yet but you’re so sweet for remembering! 

My wrapping attempts will be happening this weekend and I’ll be sure to post pictures!

Xox Brittany

“I just did Day 2 of Level 1 on the 30 day shred. I was sweating like a pig which is a rare thing for me. I loved it. :)”

Sweating like a PIG leads to looking like a FOX!

You rock, my foxy lady :) 

Be proud of every sweat drop that drips down your face!

Xox Brittany

“Hi! First off, I think you're fabulous! Okay, so on the 30 day shred, do you suggest doing more exercise in addition to the shred or just the shred once a day?”

Hi!! It’s wonderful to meet you, I think YOU’RE fabulous!

I like you already :)

The 30 day shred is a pretty intense workout all on its own. I’m a bit of an over achiever though, and do other exercise as well!

I do recommend doing other fitness activities as well as the shred, only because it is only 25 minutes. It is not necessary though and don’t feel pressured to if you’re having a hard time with the Shred on its own.

While on the shred, I still take Zumba classes (it’s one of my favorite things) and I also still go on runs and hikes pretty often as well.

It’s all up to you though. Listen to your body!

If you start the shred and think it’s a piece of cake then add something else in your day! If you’re having a hard time 1/2 way through, take it slow and just focus on getting through that.


Xox Brittany

“How do you find the motivation to exercise? I've stood in front of the mirrorr, looked at motivational photos and I still haven't moved to exercise. Then when I do exercise, I stop after a few days, especially when doing insanity.”

Hi anon!

I don’t recommend insanity. It is really great for some people… but I have yet to come across more than 2 people in my entire life who have finished it. I think it ruins peoples self esteem and motivation to complete workouts and goals because 90 days is a REALLY long time. 

I recommend doing the 30 days shred. It’s shorter, less intense but still give GREAT results. 

If you have your heart SET on doing insanity, try the shred first and see how you do with that! 

It takes 20 days for your body to get into the habit of doing something. 
So when you’re feeling unmotivated, remember that all you have to do is make it to 20 consecutive days. 
Here are some other ideas that might help too :)
20 ways to get yourself motivated to exercise:
  1. Try a workout video. (As I said,  try out the 30 day Shred!!)
  2. Take a fitness class. (I do Zumba!!! It is really great motivation and kick-starts endorphin’s which literally make you happy.)
  3. Get outdoors- hike, bike, explore! There is something really motivational about fresh air and nature.
  4. Make a “goal” board! Write down a list of goals you want to complete and add pictures and a place to check them off when you’ve finished one of them!
  5. Do something with a friend. Friends are a fabulous motivational tool, and also keep you accountable!
  6. Reward yourself. Maybe a long bath or those new pairs of heels you’ve been looking at.
  7. Create some accountability (blog, facebook, or call a friend).
  8. Get a new workout outfit. Everytime I get a new sports bra, I get ridiculously motivated to wear it and workout in it! 
  9. Play the “get dressed” trick – tell yourself you just have to get dressed in your workout clothe and shoes. You’ll be more likely to work out once your ready.
  10. Tell yourself you just have to work for ten minutes. By that point you’ll likely keep going.
  11. Picture how you’ll feel when you’re done.
  12. Read motivational blogs (in moderation, not so much that you don’t have time to apply it.)
  13. Search for motivation on Pinterest or any other websites (like my blog, *wink wink*)
  14. Sign up for an event.
  15. Create a physical board of quotes that inspire you and put it in a prominent place where you can see it.
  16. Put on some upbeat music.
  17. Log your exercise so you can visually see progress.
  18. Hire a trainer.
  19. Create a list of the benefits of working out (or losing weight) and review that. There are so many benefits. List the ones that are most pertinent to you.
  20. Use fitness apps for for your phone. There’s also lots of free fitness apps for your smartphone or ipod touch. 

A lot of my followers literally bookmark my page and check it first thing in the morning for motivation. It is a great way to kick start your day by seeing tons of new ideas on how to get and stay fit.

Have a fabulous day, don’t give up!

We’ve all been there :)

Xox Brittany

I truly love Jillian.

She tells it like it is. 

I don’t think she’s ever “sugar coat" anything in her LIFE! 

Figuratively AND literally!

Her donuts are probably covered with powdered sugar protein powder

Xox Brittany,

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“Brittany I'm in desperate need of your help! For the past two weeks I have been doing the 30 day shred and eating 1200-1400 calories per day. I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I have gained TWO POUNDS since I started this regime...what am I doing wrong?”

Omgoodness Girl YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

That is muscle weight, and you should be VERY proud of every pound of that! 

Being healthy and getting fit isn’t about the number you see on the scale, it’s about the way you feel and if you’re achieving your goals.

When I did the Shred, at the end I had gained at least 5 lbs and I was SO excited because I could literally SEE the muscle all over my body! Abs, legs arms everywhere.

If you are eating 1,200-1,400 calories a day of healthy food, then you are doing everything right and I am so excited and proud of you!

Since you’re 2 weeks in, you’re almost there!

:) Keep me posted on your progress girly!

Xox Brittany

“Have you ever felt like you're about to give up =_= seriously I've never been able to stick to any workout program (like insanity etc) but I really wanna finish the shred. By the way have you ever added workouts? I don't 'add' workouts. But I always enjoy getting on the trampoline or hula hooping. Sometimes running”

Um YES!!

What I do when I feel like I’m about to give up is literally sit down and write down all the reasons why I’m doing it. 

If you feel like you’re going to give up, why shouldn’t you?:

  • To fit in your favorite pair of jeans
  • To feel like YOU OWN THE WORLD when you look in the mirror
  • To earn your dream body for bikini season
  • To just FEEL better and healthier when you wake up in the morning
  • To motivate those around you
  • To show your boyfriend how toned you can get in just 30 days
  • To feel truly accomplished at the end of 30 days

It takes 20 DAYS for your body to get into the habit of doing something, and if you’re doing the shred that’s 30 days. Insanity is 90. 

Getting through each is really hard, I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy because I’ve done the shred 3 times and it’s hard every time!

I PROMISE you that when you finish the Shred (I think I remember you telling me in another message that you were about to start level 2) that you’ll look back at this very message and be so proud of yourself for not quitting. 

You got this girl :)

I’m starting tonight! 

Xox Brittany

Guess what I’m starting tonight…


I’ve been meaning to start the 30 day shred for 3 days in a row and things seem to be getting in the way.

Now that I’ve made a post about it, and it’s been announced on my health blog… IT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN or everyone better yell at me within 24 hours! 

I’m excited. I’ll be posting everyday progress as usual and hope it motivates you to get fit for the new year too!

Off to get some rest for my lovely body, so tomorrow it is ready to get KICKED BACK INTO SHAPE FOR 2013!!!

Xox Brittany

“hey there :) what exactly is the 30 day shred? I reeeally need to get fit/lose weight.”

I’ve gotten SO MANY QUESTIONS about the 30 day shred, and what workouts I do personally. So I actually made a post about it!

>See it here<

What is the 30 Day Shred?

The 30 day shred is a workout constructed by one of the trainers on the show “The Biggest Loser” named Jillian Michaels (I LOVE HER, definitely one of my top fitspirations)

It’s a 30 day program that promises results in just 30 days.

How does it work?

  • Level 1  Days 1-10
  • Level 2  Days 11-20
  • Level 3  Days  21-30

Brittany, do you work for Jillian Michaels and the 30 Day Shred company?

NO!! I am NOT a spokes person for The 30 Day Shred, I just really LOVE it and know so much about it.

Have you personally ever done the 30 Day Shred before?

Yes!! I’ve actually done it more than once for different occasions (Marine Corps Ball, summer, and to kick off a new year!) It is a GREAT way to kick off a healthy start.

Does the 30 Day Shred actually work?

YES! I tell you first hand that it WORKS and you WILL see results very quickly.

BUT you have to be dedicated, focused and determined to do your very best EVERY day. Do not skip around all the time like I did last summer, those results will be a LOT less significant than if you make a goal to do your VERY BEST to get through ALL 30 days. 

It’s HARD, it WILL test your body and mind, and it WILL make you a stronger person not only physically but also emotionally. 

Have a wonderful day, thanks for asking :)

Work it Jillian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not get enough of this woman, she brings a whole new meaning to inspiration.

Xox Brittany

Work it Jillian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not get enough of this woman, she brings a whole new meaning to inspiration.

Xox Brittany

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One of my absolute favorite fitness idols.

This woman KICKS my little blonde butt into shape!

Xox Brittany

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