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Welcome to my fabulous Health Blog.

I'm Brittany and I'm 24 from sunny San Diego, CA. I have a very unique life story, and I started this blog to show you that no matter who you are or what you've been through, it's never too late to get a healthy start.

Since you’re reading my blog, you’re obviously already smart, funny AND good looking… so why not add 'healthy' and 'fit' to the mix of your greatness?
The Fitspirational Blonde is here to teach you how to make positive changes to your daily life. So toss your microwave dinners, and get your dusty spatulas and running shoes out of storage! Let this fabulous health blog be the start to your new beginning, and the beginning to your very own healthy happily ever after.

Love, Brittany

The Fitspirational Blonde

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Being on my Fitness Journey


Some days I feel like


and somedays I feel like


It’s important to remember that IT’S OKAY TO FEEL BOTH WAYS!!! 

Use your Fat Cat days to motivate you to bring back your Beyonce days even harder.

Remember, you’ve got the same number of hours in the days as Beyonce. 

Balance yourself out!

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So you know what your working!

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THIS is the kind of mom I want to be one day… except my kid will be right next to me getting her little work out on too!

THIS is the kind of mom I want to be one day… except my kid will be right next to me getting her little work out on too!

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My friend Tyler is trying to lose weight and he asked my other friend Orlando to train him. Tyler was embarrassed to go to the gym though so Orlando is taking care of that by dressing up as characters when they go to the gym so that the focus isn’t on Tyler but on himself. So far Tyler has been trained by a Jedi and steampunk Batman. This is one of the nicest things I have ever seen done for someone else. 

Orlando’s kindness blows me away.

this is boss

Tyler deserves person of the year award

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Jillian Michaels- My #1 fitness idol, hands down.

Jillian Michaels- My #1 fitness idol, hands down.

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take 6 seconds of your life to watch this and then take an hour more to relish in it

OH MY GOSH this poor guy I feel SO bad for him! His head hit so hard!! (But did that stop me from watching this video three times?? NOPE!!) 

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Ok if this dude is at the gym, what’s your excuse?

Ok if this dude is at the gym, what’s your excuse?

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“Any healthy budget advice for a soon to be college student”

Heck yeah, you came to the RIGHT GIRL!

I wrote this post at the beginning of this semester, I’m sure it will be perfect for you <3

How to stay healthy in college!

Now that full college mode has been initiated- I’m back into my packed class schedule, being social chair in my wonderful sorority and balancing work, my boyfriend, a social life and my adorable puppy.

With a hectic schedule as a college student, it’s hard to find quick and healthy things to eat. A lot of people turn straight to junk food; especially college students. When you’re cramming for a midterm, the last thing on your mind is eating healthy… especially after you’ve just turned your room upside down looking for your laptop charger.

However, filling your body with nutritious foods actually effects your ability to focus and stay energized during class.

“Tips for eating right on campus:

  • Never ever skip breakfast – you’ll end up regretting it and buying a doughnut at school
  • Try microwaveable 90 second quinoa & brown rice packets for dinner
  • Scramble eggs with water or milk in the microwave
  • Sliced apples, baby carrots and mini peppers dipped in hummus
  • Canned tuna is the best – it’s cheap, high in protein, and doesn’t need a lot of preparation
  • Frozen grapes make a great snack on the go
  • Instead of ice cream – mash two frozen bananas
  • Almond milk, soy milk, and organic cow’s milk have longer expiration dates than regular milk
  • Stock up on snacks that don’t require refrigeration: nuts, seeds, raisins
  • Peanut butter on a whole grain English muffin makes a great breakfast when you’re on the run
  • Take refillable water bottle with you to class to avoid having to buy bottled water
  • Buy low sodium canned soups and add a half can of canned beans to stretch it and boost fiber
  • Stay away from buffet items on meal plans – and make yourself visit the salad bar at least once a day
  • I used to make fun of my mom for using coupons, but now I use them for everything..lots of $0.50 coupons adds up!
  • Shop at the 99 cent store, especially for good deals on fruits and vegetables
  • Lowfat microwave popcorn is filling, cheap, and delicious…the only down side is your roommates complain about the smell.”

Remember, eat breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a Princess, and dinner like a pauper. Don’t forget to pack some extra healthy snacks in your trendy over-the shoulder book bag too.

Xox B

Sony is selling their waterproof MP3 player in a water bottle!

I’m going to college right now to get a bachelor’s degree in Social Media Marketing, and this is a brilliant marketing technique!

Not only is it creative, it’s being shared virally online by users across all social media platforms. It’s practically selling itself! I really want one in Pink, awesome idea Sony!

Waterproof MP3 player.

Fabulous Fitness Photo Collage

Fabulous Fitness Photo Collage

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High protein pancake recipe!



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